Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bonjour, voila, merci..

France was a very good experience. I had never tried to speak French before and this time it was inevitable in France. The French do get delighted when non-native looking , non-native sounding and non-native smelling people like me try to speak French. I get the feeling that they are deeply rooted to their culture and they appreciate it when non-native people attempt to converse in French.

France was a spectacular experience. The sheer sight of Eiffel tower, The palace and gardens in Versailles, The magnificent Louvre museum, notre dam, hotel les des invades, arc de triumph, the opera, the cabre show, the hop on -off tour buses , the strange and funny smell of sewage in Paris, The metro, The French tourism dept, The bridges in Paris, people staring at passerbys from roadside restaurante, no. of people smoking on the streets of Paris, the funny French Hindu converts dancing on the streets singing hare Rama, ridiculous ripoff taxis with meters which seem to be running time based as against distance based,restaurante indiens, wine, champagne, more bridges, pick pockets on streets, free public transport, French people giving directions in french,the designer wears of armaani, milan, ck and the likes, 1 euro Eiffel tower selling boys calling out sasriakaal , rich shoppers on camps-elysees, the tabac shops, the distinctive English accent of the French,confusing traffic direction on roads because of left hand driving, spectacular night tour of Paris, superb nightlife, very Indian looking roads with a lot of animated people, vegetariane paninis..phenomenal French buildings and monuments which speak of the historical France and not to mention the great French revolution..endless memories, sweet memories..

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