Monday, 8 November 2010

VNC For Android!




This is one of THE most useful applications for remotely controlling your computer / remote system administration /  and lot of fun remote VNC sessions for the Home User!!!. You can realize the potential straight away, YES!! controlling a remote computer from your android phone!!

Now, I take absolutely no responsibility for this post but i would like to share a very quick way of configuring a remote computer to allow incoming VNC connections on a port and then use the ‘VNC for Android’ application to connect to it. (from anywhere in the world Winking smile)

The indented audience are home users / geeks and enthusiasts.

1] Download Ultra VNC Server from here and Install it.

2] Download the ‘VNC For Android’  Application to your android phone. (Don’t start it just yet)

3] Configure you VNC Server. Set Passwords , Ports and User Impersonation. My advise is to use ‘A’ random port from the range and not just use 5900. (Although 5900 works completely fine, It’s anybody's guess when it’s comes to how secure your open ports are to the outside world ), because soon you will discover that you might have to open the port in your router to allow the communication via VNC.

vnc viewer

4] Login to your Router’s administration page and forward the port no (which you just configured in step 3) to the machine which has the VNC Server application running on it.

5] Find your IP (WAN) from here, or your router’s administration page. (still better if you know it by heart). Note it down.

6] This is the best part..Open the VNC Viewer for Android application now on your android phone, and follow these steps


(Image Courtesy –x)

Add a ‘Nickname’  - This is only to identify your connection.

Add the password of your VNC Server (Step 3)

Add the IP address of your VNC Server (Step 5)


(Image Courtesy –x)

Choose a Color Format ( If you are on WIFI, Choose the 24-bit Color, If you are on 3G Select a lower color depth for performance )

This should be enough to get you started. Press the ‘Connect’ button, Wait for handshake  (default of 10 seconds) and authentication from your VNC Server and Voila, You’re done!!

Fore more, you can dig here.

Enjoy Remoting from you phone !, and if this helped you configure your device, post a comment below! Smile

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