Saturday, 18 September 2010

My love for patterns and discovery of them..

It all started in my undergraduate days back in 2003 when i used to work a lot on VB & C++. I had no idea that patterns existed then!. One fine day a friend of mine suggested using a ‘Singleton’. Since than I've had the hunger for discovering more and more of ‘patterns’ and their usage.

After i moved to the managed world (.Net) it started appealing more and more and today, i cannot think of an application without it. I’ve moved on to application architecture and business processes all the way realizing how vital the role of patterns in real world development (civil engineering  to software engineering). Apart from all the other stuff that still interests me., I’ve decided to take a rather focussed approach to patterns, software design and application architecture from now. I look forward to a sound discussion with you all on them.

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