Sunday, 14 February 2010

Why i turned buzz off!

Google, Why are you invading my privacy!.

I find Google's buzz a terrible breach of users privacy. They are being very cheeky, adding the ‘buzz’ feature without  telling users what the hell it’s supposed to do. I never asked for one in the first place anyway, And this is my personal opinion.

I can’t be bothered to buzz around with my contacts or know what they are doing. C’mon Google !. I’ve lost some respect for you today. This is ridiculous. A very offensive approach at creating their own ‘eco’ system for the cloud trying to take the pie away from Facebook and Twitter. (Which i think they are trying to achieve with Android OS).

For me, it brought frustration more than a new found joy and i turned the buzz feature off. Thank god, they have managed to put that feature inside Gmail. And this is how i did it.

1] Open Gmail and navigate to the bottom of the page to find something similar to the below picture and click on ‘turn off buzz’.




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