Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Google's Android - HTC Dream

2007, We saw google foraying into the handset market with the Open Handset Alliance which includes gaints like Qualcomm,T-mobile, HTC and many others including google itself. The intention was to develop open standards for mobile devices. Take a look at Android here and the SDK details here.

I remember watching the launch of iPhone SDK. It was impressive how they moved most of the stuff from mac into iPhone stack, for instance the cocoa library. It was really exciting to see the demos built in a week's time by developers on iPhone. I'm all excited to wait and watch android in function on mobile handsets, Probably on HTC Dream, which grapevine says will be released in October. So many exciting platforms out there for mobile devices now. Windows Mobile (Compact Framework), iPhone SDK (Objective C) , Java FX (Java), Android (Java-like managed environment) , Symbian (C++) and the list goes on..Wonder how much market share each of these will have in the next year..I'm sure windows mobile will still maintain a good market share.

Last week, There were security issues discovered on android..check them out here.

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