Wednesday, 11 June 2008

RuleML The Standard for Rule Representation

RuleML The Rule Markup Initiative..

The Mission Statement of RuleML

"The goal of the Rule Markup Initiative is to develop RuleML as the canonical Web language for rules using XML markup, formal semantics, and efficient implementations.

RuleML covers the entire rule spectrum, from derivation rules to transformation rules to reaction rules. RuleML can thus specify queries and inferences in Web ontologies, mappings between Web ontologies, and dynamic Web behaviors of workflows, services, and agents."

RuleML Mission Approach

"Rather than focusing on academic research prototypes, RuleML is about rule interoperation between industry standards (such as JSR 94, SQL'99, OCL, BPMI, WSFL, XLang, XQuery, RQL, OWL, DAML-S, and ISO Prolog) as well as established systems (CLIPS, Jess, ILOG JRules, Blaze Advisor, Versata, MQWorkFlow, BizTalk, Savvion, etc.)."

I feel that a standardization for representing knowledge through rules is very essential for the semantic web for applications ranging from distributed e-commerce to Engineering like AI agents etc. Simply because of the need for a widely acceptable industry standard rule engine..(JSR94 vs BizTalk). This will increase interoperability between systems and makes life much much simpler... This can be achieved with RULEML, the mark up initiative for Rules.. (way forward..) If you are an academician or a company interested in the idea of  standardization for Rules through Rule Markup, Join the RuleML initiative today.!!     :-)

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