Saturday, 21 June 2008



The coolest gaming app i've ever come across!!. You can play most of the games using any object as input. All you need is a game which runs on your computer hardware and a Web Cam. It uses realtime motion detection from predefined shapes like square,rectange,2 points etc( i made this up after seeing the video and reading their blog and commerical website) . It detects changes in pitch,yaw and roll in real time. Now, if you intend to play a game like counter strike with CamSpace, You can throw away your mouse,keyboard and joystick..Imagine fragging with shear fingers!!, Firing with the ak47 and m16's with fingers!!

Now, the best part is, the input device can be anything, a beer can for example!!! :D, believe me, it's POSSIBLE with CamSpace!!!. I'm wondering if this app has just opened up the door of possibilities for GUI interaction and game playing. Watch the video to get blown away!!!

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