Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Apple iPhone OS 2.0 Beta Drama..

Apple iphone OS 2.0 beta build for developers, which was just 11 days old was rolled back all of a sudden from apple yesterday, and developers were left in the lurch..
i actually did read the posts on the apple forums and couldnt stop laughing..
I've been developing software for smartphones on microsoft platforms using eVC++ (and .net off-late) and in my small world experience, i should say the development tools and the platform itself is very mature and completely robust/programmer friendly.,google 'PPC apps' and check out the kind of apps and support available out there for the windows mobile platform.

I was actually quite impressed with the apple iphone developer showcase with stuff like OpenGL and OpenAL support,MS exchange server integration,the amazing accelerometer , the even more amazing touch screen/gesture input emulation using mouse and keybord inputs while developing ..( and i loved apple for their sheer software/hardware 'Design' and 'Usability' in all their products till date,but ,i lost the respect i had for apple today...
i was ROTFL when i read the developer nightmare stories, when they woke up one fine morning and see that their OS on the phone is expired!!!!Bwahhahahahhha, what an amazing sci-fi fantasy story...wait a minute, for real now..? bwahahahahahaha....

catch all fun live here..
I'm beginning to think that this might be an 'expire_counter = 9'; instead of 'expire_counter = 90;' kinda issue with the iphone SDK team...still wondering..

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