Tuesday, 11 December 2012

RSM–Richard M Stallman declared Ubuntu Linux to contain Spyware..

Stallman announced a few days back that the Amazon search in the new Ubuntu 12.10 Linux distribution contains spyware in that the search results were given by Ubuntu to amazon and amazon customizes its user ads based on the search results.[here]

Now, open source is

  • keeping pace with technology..
  • adding features that not just enthusiasts would use but much more accessible to the wider world..
  • is competitive with proprietary software..
  • supports enterprise class features..

All that is good, but, if it lacks privacy, then home uses wouldn’t be encouraged to use it, will they or is it acceptable ? Well, when every single thing that we do on the internet can be collected and mined these days, should we not allow open source to be free, afterall it’s about the freedom according to Stallman aka RMS.

On another note, I can imagine the data crunching mechanisms that amazon would have used to to this.We can clearly see another instance of big data in action here.

Well, what has the world come down to..freedom or no freedom, it’s the way you see it..

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  1. As soon as corporate interests get involved, it definitely loses some of its' appeal to the smaller level users.