Thursday, 18 November 2010

Google, When can i get Indic Font Support on my HTC Desire ?


It is such a shame that at the time of writing this, Google has not officially enabled Indic Font Support on Android, Guess??, Limited multilingual support from Android. What a shame!!!. I tried a hack to get around this by installing a kannada TTF font. You can expect the obvious, glyphs are not rendered correctly.

I was of the opinion that the TTF fonts were missing, NO, the fault is with the rendering mechanism on android ?, Wondering could it be because some of the Indic Fonts also require custom rendering support from the OS. I STILL Can’t believe Google missed Indic Font Support. Google needs to add Indic font support soon, It’s going to loose out big time in Indian markets!., C’mon, There is a dev lab in Bangalore, India!!!

Wake up Google!!


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