Monday, 25 August 2008

MSDN Architecture Centre - Composite Applications

Composite Applications

Globalization, specialization, and outsourcing require people to work in more collaborative ways than before. This trend requires a matching change in the tools that information workers use to gain insight, collaborate, make decisions, and take action. Today, most business applications are effective at automating transactions, but do not enable rich collaboration across functional boundaries. Composite applications are an emerging class of business applications that bridge existing line-of-business systems with the people that use them. These applications enable businesses to unlock the value of their current set of back end systems (e.g. ERP, CRM and SCM systems) by deploying new cross-functional processes on top of them.


Composite applications empower business users to stitch together componentized business capabilities. In many ways, composite applications are the business users’ equivalent of Web 2.0 and “mash-ups”. While there has been much hype in this area, real value has been slow in coming. Technologies are emerging that will change this, and composition will become increasingly important in constructing business logic. - Microsoft SOA and Business Process


Visit the Architecture Center for Composite Applications on MSDN for more. here

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