Sunday, 17 February 2008

Universal Translation on the fly!

'Compadre suite', a universal translation software developed by a company called SpeechGear provides unbelievable translations from speech,voice and images on the fly supporting 200 languages bidirectionally!!. really impressive! , The compelling part of the software is, it lets you speak into it (obviously through a mic) and have your speech translated into 'text' of a foreign language on the fly and also reads it aloud. (i.e back to speech in a foreign language) Now, for enterprises to adapt to such a thing might still sound naive because of the reasons best known like translation errors due to lack of voice training , pronounciation differences etc.

However, what really caught my attention was the interpreter bit of the software suit which runs on Windows Mobile Pocket PC!!. The 'Interpreter' on your Pocket PC can come in handy if you are in a foreign country, travelling abroad, or simply wanted to converse with a foreigner. It's versatile in that it provides voice commanding over text input.

Compadre Suit at CES 2008 [Video]

Compadre Suit CES,SpeechGear

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